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Post  Post subject: Stupid fucking radio  |  Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:17 pm
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So I know after reading this you will all be asking the question "Is this guy an idiot?" I would like to think not, but just remember, the world is full of idiots and the odds are pretty good that I could be one. Guess what, I don't give a shit.

For 2 months my truck radio developed an anoying problem that forced me to finally break down and buy a new one. Some kind of stupid fucking short somewhere caused the left rear speaker right next to my head to blast out full volume static and crackling, without notice, just BAM! Scared the hell out of me, then would sound like a chainsaw trying to cut through a steel beam. Everywhere I went it was non stop bullshit. I'd go through the gaurd gate at my job with this thing blasting away. I'm sure he was asking himself "what the fuck is this asshole listening to?" The fast food drive-through was even worse than ever, I already can't understand what they're asking me let alone having all this static blasting in my ear. It's fucking bullshit to no end. You're asking "why the fuck don't you just turn the damn thing off, dumbass" BECAUSE THE ON_OFF BUTTON DOESN'T WORK!! THAT'S WHY, DUMBASS!

I just couldn't stand it anymore so I headed to Car Toys to find a new radio. After reading all the reviews about this place I was a little reluctant to go there. Ever read the reviews on Car Toys? There are some very unhappy people out there, but knowing how fucked up people are in general I gave Car Toys the benefit of the doubt. So after looking their radios over I was a little stunned at the prices. Who would pay 800 fucking dollars for a car radio? Does it have voice command or something? That sure as hell wouldn't work for me, I'd have that thing so confused it would purposely do the same thing my old radio did, as if to say, fuck you man, I don't respond to "why the fuck don't you change to a decent station you piece of shit"

So I settled on a cheaper model, but I told the salesman I just want a radio that's easy to operate, I don't need something I have to have 4 years of college just to figure out how to turn it on. I told Dustin that too and he just laughed and said they don't make regular radios anymore. Fuck.
So I get this thing home and commence to install it. After about 2 hours I stood there and looked at what I had to do to my dash and wondered if I would ever get it back together. Dash parts and screws everywhere. But by the grace of God I managed to only end up with 5 screws left over that I couldn't figure out where they went. Fuck it, it's in.

Now the fun part. DUSTIN!!! Come program this God damned thing, I can't figure out how it works. There is no bass or treble setting, it has an equalizer, all in frequency settings. Just getting to it was a nightmare. Then everytime I went to turn up the volume, it turned to a bunch of settings instead and kept beeping. What the fuck is going on with this thing? Then I'm trying to set what is called a bass enhancer, turn the menue to sound, then to RB ENH then press 1, 2, or 3. Well I never could find it, all I found was an ALO, and the manual doesn't even say what that means. C'mon man....

It works good enough, but the radio stations are garbage so I went to go get a thumb drive to play my own music in it. Ok this is where I become an idiot. I thought it plugged into the audio jack, but usb flash drives have a square plug. How do you get a square to fit into a round hole?

Yes, the salesman at Fred Meyer had his hands full when I came in to his store....

Stupid radio.

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