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Post  Post subject: I'm surrounded by incompetence  |  Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:02 pm
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Is it just me or is the whole world fucked up? Everytime I have to deal with something fucked up I feel like I'm on some kind of game show. "Ok Randall, if you can jump through 15 hoops, survive 20 minutes of being put on hold, listen to 15 minutes of some recording trying to sell you some stupid bullshit that makes no sense, AND be willing to complete a survey, your phone call will be monitored" JUST FOR YOU!! And don't forget to push 1 on your phone for English.

Here's the deal. I bought my phone way back in Febuary. It comes with a 50 dollar rebate. Great! Just fill this card out and send it in. It is now July. No rebate. 50 bucks is 50 bucks. That's a 18 pack of PBR, a 24 roll pack of toilet paper, a loaf of bread and a pack of smokes.

The statement says they have a chat line on the web, and since I hate talking on the phone this seemed like an ideal way to find out what the fucks going on. It's like txting, I can do that. So the window pops up. I type in some information and it replys " all our specialists are busy ". Specialists? Then it tells me they'll be with me in the order I logged in and the wait time is approximately 15 minutes. Ok fine, just enough time to slam a beer. So then "Laura M" types me a message. "Good day sir, what can I help you with?" So I type in my problem and she responds I'm sorry to hear your delema, let me retrieve your information...........About 10 minutes later she types back. "Our records indicate that you have been approved for the rebate" .......Yea, so where is it? I've been waiting 6 months for it......"Let me give you a link, and just type in your phone number and hit go"........Ok.........I hit go and it says estimated delivery date 4/22/2012....that was 3 months ago. So I tell Laura M that the date is fucked up. So she says "let me check that for you".....about another 10 minutes go by and she responds by giving me a phone number to call. This number is like the red phone to the president, the official REBATE SERVICE CENTER. So I call this number and a recording says press 1 for English. Then I have to listen to some idiot trying to sell me some specialty of the month crap that I have no idea what it is and if I agree press 2. No other option. So I just yell into the phone...."I want to talk to a representative damn it!" Then I hear, "one moment while we transfer your call". After about 2 minutes of silence I hear a bunch of noise and some idiot comes on and says "To whom am I speaking, and how can I help you today?" So now I have to tell THIS person the same thing I told Laura M(oron) all over again. So I get put on hold for another 10 minutes, and this person tells me my rebate was sent out back in March. Well I never recieved it! " Ok, what is your address? I tell her what my address is and she says, well that's not the address we have.

For Christ sakes man, you send my damn bill to the correct address every month so what other address could you possibly have? "Well give me your address and we'll put a stop payment on your other rebate that you didn't recieve, and send you another one." Knowing that they already have my correct address, obviously, I didn't want to complicate things any further so I gave it to her again. "You should recieve it in about 10 business days."......

Thank you very fucking much!

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