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Post  Post subject: It's the little things..  |  Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:03 pm
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I'm sure everybody knows how the little annoying things in life can be easily forgotten if you just grab a beer or six and think about something else, but if it's REALLY annoying, you know it needs to be dealt with eventually.

The other day I noticed a tire on the car was a little low. No big deal, I'll just fire up the compressor, add a few pounds of air and finish my beer. As I dig it out from under the bench I noticed the air nozzle is missing. Shit. So I look through my mess. Can't find it. I remember Dustin probably took it off to blow out his computer so I ask him what he did with it. "I thought I put it back on", he says. So he commences to dump out all my bins of useless crap that I'll never use only to find one piece of the end cap. Hey, no biggie, I'll just stop at the auto parts store and get another one. The next day I stop in knowing they won't have a clue what I'm talking about, but they said all the tire shit is on row 3. All they had was the stem for 8 bucks or the full blown hose unit with tire gauge for 25. Well fuck, all I need is a little brass fitting, so I said fuck it, I'll go to the hardware store. So I'm in the hardware store looking for this annoying little piece of brass air fitting and the lady says "can I help you?" Yea, I need one of these. After I told her what it was she laughed and said "good luck finding one". What kind of customer service is that for cryin out loud? She said all we have are these......the same bullshit the auto parts store had. So I paid the 25 bucks for the full blown unit and went home. I could have bought a fuckin bottle of jager with that!

So I went to go screw it on and fire it up. Turns out the inline non-detachable gauge already built in was interferring with the other gauge making it pop out the wrong fucking direction. FUCK! So I took the end off, wich by the way is the same piece I could have bought at the auto parts store for 8 bucks, and tossed the gauge. Low and behold it finally works. Good grief.

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