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Post  Post subject: Media hype can take a hike  |  Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:17 pm
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I'm sure everybody's heard the big news....Winter Sorm Watch for some big ass snow storm coming this week. Really? I really have to hand it to the weather experts for creating mayhem for the stupid masses that don't read between the lines. Listen closley to what they say.

Scattered rain/snow showers for the lowlands, high temps 38 to 41 degrees.

"Some" accumulations "possible" in the convergence zone.

Heavy snow in the mountains.

Rain/ snow showers turning to rain by Thursday.

Rain/snow mix by tomorrow night.

Trace to 1 inch "possible" away from the water.

Scattered showers will be hit and miss.

Some lawns may turn white, some may not.

Ok, the way I read it is.......ratings must be low due to another boring ass winter.
First of all, it doesn't snow when the high temps are 38-41 degrees! All you get is rain as cold as a witches tit. I don't live in the convergence zone so I really don't give a rats ass what goes on up there. Is heavy snow in the mountains an unusual event for cryin out loud? Doesn't rain/snow showers mean they don't know what the fuck it will be, as usual? And by using the term "possible" they don't have to commit themselves to a solid forcast, which they're incapable of doing anyway, even with the most sophisticated equipment money can buy. Some lawns may turn white, some may not......ok.

Why the fuck even mention this "EVENT" in the first damn place? The way the media makes it sound you'd think we all have to panic. Is your vehicle ready for "winter" you have plenty of food and water, batterys, flashlights, blankets, emergency kits, tire chains, and a fucking sea-van full of shit you may never use. Good grief.

I've never seen so much overhyped bullshit in all my life, actually I take that back, I hear this same bullshit every year from these douchbags. Snowplows are ready to roll folks so brace yourselves.


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