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Post  Post subject: I fucking HATE WIND!!  |  Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:51 pm
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Unless you're a windmill or a windsurfer, wind sucks! It's fucking annoying. My job during the "summer" months, (yea all 60 days of it) is to stripe parking lots. Does anybody know what it's like to spray lines and stencils with a constant 30 MPH wind blowing? The stencils are like a big ass sail, I'm talking BIG ASS NO PARKING stencils! Ever see a 4 x 8 sheet of aluminum take flight off the top of your rig? And then try to put it back with that fucking wind blowing it all over the place? It's a constant battle all fucking day. Then I have to worry about overspray all over some douchbags corvette. Or somebody's 40 thousand dollar bucket of bolts Harley.
When I used to waterski my biggest enemy was WIND! It's a pain in the ass to try and stay upright in whitecaps. It's bullshit when you have to look at the flag outside to determin if the day is gonna suck or not. I hate wind, you can't lay anything down in fear of it blowing away, it always blows bar-b-que smoke in your face no matter where you stand and it fucks up my hair. Not to mention trying to light a cigerrette, or having to stop and think about which direction to piss in, it's all just a major pain in the ass.
A few years back we had a "Thanksgiving Day" storm and it knocked out the power while cooking a big ass turkey. I starved myself all day in hopes of gorging myself like a monarch, but nooooooo, the fucking wind had to arrive and fuck everything up. It knocked down one of my trees and I spent the whole day cutting it up, not to mention it fucked up my sidewalk when the roots decided to launch themselves out of the ground.
The only thing I can think of that it's good for is when John and Dustin released a big bag of packing peanuts into the neighborhood.
Wind SUCKS! The weatherman says it's going to be a beautiful day. yea, ok, I guess around here I should be thankful it's not raining, but a beautiful day to me doesn't include 30 MPH winds blowing all fucking day either. Blow this!

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