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Post  Post subject: Big fat majority  |  Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:41 pm
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That's right, I've come to realize that retail businesses that sell clothing are geared primarily for selling to the big fat people and I'll tell you why.

I set out today on a quest that I've been putting off for too long, knowing that I'll run into a multitude of frustration. I need a new pair of work pants, painter pants to be specific. I have always been able to rely on my one stop store, The Whistle Stop, for all my work clothing, at the dreaded Southcenter mall. No big deal, go in, purchase the pants, get the hell out, go drink beer. After walking what seemed like 5 miles, can't find it, stopped at that stupid map board and studied it until I was half blind and decided to ask somebody where the hell it's at. Oh, they moved downtown to 1st and Spokane street. Fuck. So I was told that this other place by home depot carrys the pants I'm looking for, so I walk another mile back to my truck and head on over. Now, remember traffic is fucked no matter what day or time you're going anywhere, and makes you wonder why all these people aren't at work or something.

So I go in, head for the painter pants section and there's only 6 pairs on the shelf. Smallest size I could find was a 38 waist. And they went all the way up to 52. Come on man, that's FAT!! I find it hard to believe that somebody working in the trades that wear that size pants can actually do the work. So I ask the guy if that's all he had and he said yes, butt, he can order me my size, BUTT, it will take 2 fricken weeks to get here! Screw that, so I set out on a mission to downtown Seattle.

Rather than fight the I-5 traffic I decided to take the back roads, but somehow I ended up in South Park with no way out because there is no more bridge to cross over to East Marginal Way, so I have to back track back to the freeway and start all over again. This is fucked. So I ended up on West Marginal Way and got stuck behind some Wide Fucken Load truck hauling some dumbass crane all the way to West Seattle. Just by luck I found the on ramp to take me back going east on the West Seattle freeway and finally got off on the 1st avenue exit. Now I run into road construction and it's pouring down rain, as usual, so it's hard to see where the god damn place is.

By luck again, I found it, I park and go in. Upon entering I hear a voice calling out, "welcome to whistle stop". I look around to see who said that and saw nobody. Ok, I know I've been through a lot, but I don't hear voices in my head like somebody I know. Then all of a sudden this lady jumps up from behind the counter, "can I help you?" she says. I'm thinking in the back of my mind, "I wonder what she's doing down there, hmmmmm, na, couldn't be", so I reply, yea I'm looking for some painters pants. So she points to the rack over there and I procede to it. Guess what, 2 fucking racks full of painters pants and all waist sizes above 42! All the way up to 54!! My god man, this is rediculous. So I ask another lady if this is all she has in stock. "Yes, that's all we have". So I asked her why do they only have sizes for big fat people? Responce, "I don't know".

Fuck it, I'll order online from now on. I'd like to witness a 350 pound painter climb a ladder, get real dude.......

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