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Post  Post subject: Going too fucking slow?  |  Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:40 pm
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Here's another stupid experience. The very next night after the Iron Maiden party we were booked to do a show at the cedarwood dome. I would have to say we were a little burned out from last nights concert, working on a few hours sleep and having to go to work that day. But all is good, it aint fucking raining for once, we've had a few beers, so let's rock this place. First thing we do when we get there is find the load-in entrance......see that door up there? Fuckin A man, we're not looking at the stairway to heaven, more like the stairway to a game show, you know, like, "if you can survive packing all your shit up 2 flights of stairs, you can go for the bonus round and play music in front of no audience on a Wednesday night". Fucking awsome!
Hey, I have to give my respects to the sound guy, he was cool and knew what he was doing, he had his shit together, but dude, you need an elevator.
So we did our set, rocked the best we could working on about 25% energy level, packed all our shit back down those stairs from hell and took off for home.
About a half mile down the road Dustin says, "hey, are you going to pull over or what?" I didn't notice, but a cop had his lights on behind me and I didn't even notice. So I pull over and he comes to my door asking if I knew why he pulled me over. Fuck no I don't, I just left the stupid place, I haven't even had time to attract any attention yet!
He said I was going 30 mph in a 45. And I was swerving a little. For christs sakes man, I'm fucking tired, the van has loose stearing, and there's NOBODY else on the fucking road this late at night. So he asks me if I'd been drinking and Johns telling me to say, "fuck yea man, since I was 12 years old". No officer, I maybe had 1 beer.......( Dustin questioned my comment, you know, like, how does somebody have "maybe" 1 beer?) Anyway, he asked me to step out and do the drunk test. First time for me, but the last 2 beers I just slammed, I mean the 1 I maybe had earlier, haven't caught up with me yet, so I passed with flying fucking colors. Hale-fucking-luea! He said I had a perfect driving record and sent us on our way.
Now I've NEVER had a cop tell me to speed up before, that's just plain stupid as hell.....

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