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Who gives a flying fuck?
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Author:  Randall [ Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Who gives a flying fuck?

Is there anybody out there besides me who's sick of hearing about Tigers Woody? I don't give a rats ass about his personal life, or his so called proffessional life either. He's a million dollar spoiled brat that plays the ultimatly boring game of GOLF! Give me a fucking break. It doesn't surprize me in the least that he has nothing better to do than whore his dumbass around because people like him think they're invinsible to the world........."I can do anything I want because I'm a rich spoiled pathetic douchbag that makes a living off of hitting a little white ball accross the grass and dropping it in a little fucking hole". FUUUUUUUUCK THAAAAAAT!!!!

How about our wonderful wicked witch of the west govonor? It's bad enough that people are struggling from payday to payday these days, and those are the ones with jobs, but she decides it's time to raise taxes on an already taxed to death state. Fuck her! It's not right that our state government fucked up thier budget and now the only way out of thier incompetence is to make us pay for thier mistakes. Maybe they should cut some fat at thier end for once! How far do we have to bend over before enough is enough? And I'd like to know how many stupid asses voted her in again anyway?! Go ahead and start taxing the air we breath, because I don't give a flying fuck anymore!

It's nice to know that smoking is still allowed in "PUBLIC OWNED OUTDOOR PARKS"! For now anyway, but the writing is on the wall. Those of you closet dwellers that still think this is a free country have your heads up your ass. If I'm smoking in an outdoor park and some goody-two-shoe puritan yuppy has a problem with it, you'll see me on the 5 O'clock news. They can go fuck themselves and shove that taxed bottle of spring water up thier ass. And I'm certain they'd probably enjoy it.

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