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Post  Post subject: I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!  |  Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:36 pm
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And I'm sick and tired of this fucking cold! I don't have time for this bullshit. A cold is something that most people accept and deal with as just a passing moment in thier pathetic lives. Well I don't! When something fucks with my head 24 hours a day for two fucking weeks, I'm not a pleasant person to be around. I can't think of anything more miserable or stupider than a fucking stupid ass cold. What's the purpose of it and why the fuck can't somebody find a cure for it? All the technology we have today and nobody has a clue. My theory is they don't want to. Think of how many drug companies would go out of business because nobody would be buying cold medicine. And think of how many less visits to the doctor. Money talks, bullshit walks, and I'm sick of walking around coughing my guts out and blowing my fucking nose every 10 minutes.

Sleeping at night (or lack of) is a bitch. You lay on one side and your nose starts running out of your left nostril. You turn over and then it shifts over to your right nostril. Do this for a couple of hours and you finally get fed up and shove toilet paper up both nostrils. But you still got the fucking headache and sore throat to deal with. And going through your daily business in a dense fog sucks. It's all BULLSHIT MAN!! By time the alarm clock goes off in the morning you feel like walking death just going through the motions. So you get up, can't talk worth a fuck and then go into a coughing fit that would scare the lice off your head. The coughing is so intense that you end up puking green oysters, yea, that's real pleasant, isn't it? Then your nose faucet turns on again and your eyes swell up. I feel like kicking the god damn door but last time I tried that I broke my fucking toe, so I just look in the mirror and swear I would kill the mother fucker that left thier dirty filthy germ infested slime bag mother fucking amebas where I would unsuspectingly come in contact with thier shit.

If I was an asshole, (and I'm pretty sure I'm not, though I have my moments), I would go out and spit on all the grocery cart handles, lick all the keyboards at work, sneeze in an elevator full of people, cough all over everything without covering my mouth and wipe snot rags all over every door knob I could find. And I'm sure that's pretty much how this shit gets spread around in the first place. Those people really are no damned good. But since I'm not that big of an asshole and I'm too fucking miserable to go through that much effort, I'll just sit here and sneeze my fucking head off hoping I don't run out of toilet paper! (See toilet paper blog)

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